Thursday, November 27, 2008

The rainy days

Is it a ritual?? Most of them have a problem picking their blog address.. I say prettymuchablog.. taken! Blogitis..taken! amateurblogger.. taken! Irritating.. let’s say ihaveabigfatnamingproblem! And voila.. blog available! Wait a second.. whoz even going to read my blog with sucha freaky title..not that my posts are going 2 be less freaky:).. then finally I come up with something thatz available and less ... proceed:)

What a relief with the semeter examinations having come to an end!! I almost feel as light as a feather..however monumentally i've screwed them.. that doesn't go into account! There's this thing when u sit the day before the last exam with your books open infront of you, just for you to keep dreaming about holiday plans.. well.. i'm not this very holiday-pre-plannin kind of a girl.. but what the heck... some excuse to not concentrate!
i just promised myself two things..
1. never stay indoors.
2. always stick to 1.
What a mad mad day it was on the last day of the examination.. I happily walk in.. just to see that I know exactly two questions in the whole paper.. again.. what the heck.. today is the last 2 myself: it takes more than this 2 get u down..:) and so i start spinnin right away...
and then walk out at 1..that happy holiday walk you know.. just to look at the grey fluffy clouds and say.. what a pleasant climate.. things are finally taking shape after being a couch potato burried under my books for almost a month. and with the same jubiliating mood.. we friends had lunch outside and headed home! rains in the evening! Even more better....rains are always a welcome guest in chennai...
and so.. the day goes by.... i just make a mental note of my immediate things to be done....
if your looking for the oppositte of disorganised.. u may as well have a look at me.... everything strewn haywire and thatz how it is with me! so cleaning up my room was to be more than a priority..:) and so.. I wake up into the next day just to find a soggy balcony.. rains.. again!
no frowns.. theyre not going 2 pour the day out.. are they!!
and so.. what was i thinking?? yes.. clean the room..they kept looming large in my head… itz raining outside.. and i cant keep cleaning my room when half the world is hibernating....who says you have to?? you could watch movies instead.. and yes.. all day I sit glued to my lappy... did this thought just bump into my head?? "during exams.. atleast i was racking my grey cells.. and what m i doin now??"... letz say it did'nt!!:)
and hence the day goes by!! 'rains are welcome anytime' or so did i say??!!!… maybe the one above heard it a little too loud.. and splosh... drop drop.. splosh.. itz been raining ever since!! considering my t.v being monopolised all time...all i've been doing is watching the leaky clouds do their best...
hey omni fella.. turn the knob off okay?? v've had enough of it!!:)
and so I sit here getting started with a blog…. Bear with the junk.. the title is not misleading one bit:)…and I live with the hope that I organise my room atleast today…let’s hope I do..:)